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First Time Gun Owner Class

Gun Safety Seminar

Length of course: 4 hours

Tuition: $29

Course description:

Are you new to firearms ownership or are you thinking of purchasing your first firearm? This course will provide necessary skills in safe gun handling, storage, and cleaning. We will also introduce the fundamental skills in firearm use. We owe it to ourselfs, our family, and our community to be safe and responsible firearms owners.


Topics covered:

  • Handgun types

  • Handgun nomenclature

  • Loading and unloading

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Bullet types

  • Safe storage

  • What next


Equipment needed:

  • Pen and something to take notes on

  • No firearm is needed, but if you have a firearm please bring it (unloaded)

  • Positive learning attitude


Material provided:

  • Class handouts

  • Certificate of completion


This is a non-shooting class. We can arrange time on a shooting range on a later date if desired.

gun safety seminar

Next Class is in Buckeye, AZ

January 30, 2021

Please contact us to book your spot

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