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Ryan Pettus

Ryan Pettus

Operations Manager,
Lead Instructor

Ryan Pettus is a Operations Manager of Arizona Security Specialists and is our Lead Instructor.

Ryan has a BS in Criminology from Arizona State University and several years experience in public law enforcement, security consulting, and compliance engineering.

Ryan is certified in several public safety areas:

  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

  • Civilian Firearms Instructor (NRA)

  • Defensive Pistol Instructor (USCCA)

  • Arizona DPS Certified Firearms Instructor

  • Less-lethal Instructor (Defense Technologies)

  • Master Baton Instructor (ASP, G-Tek)

  • Pepperspray Instructor (Defense Technologies)

  • CPR / First Aid Instructor

  • Certified Protection Professional, CPP (ASIS Intl.)

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